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Public Works and Prevailing Wage

KPS manages a number of properties that are owned by public entities. All contracted work provided to these properties is considered Public Works. The Prevailing Wages on Public Works Act (Chapter 39.12 RCW) requires that employees of government contractors be paid prevailing wages for all public work. Agencies awarding public work contracts include state agencies, counties, municipalities and all political subdivisions of the state.

All bids requiring prevailing wage will be clearly identified in the request for bid or quote. It is the bidder/quoter's responsibility to abide by all laws and requirements of the Prevailing Wages and Public Works Act. An overview of the laws can be found here. 

All bids for public works projects must be prepared to agree to these conditions upon award. 

Documents necessary for completing public works bid submissions:

Quote Form

Section 3 Certification

Insurance Requirements

Questions regarding Public Works Projects should be directed to Steve Mejia,, or 360-695-1538


KPS manages over 2500 homes throughout Clark County. We pride ourselves in keeping our communities and homes up to date, well maintained, healthy, and safe. 

To do so we periodically will need to coordinate and facilitate large projects for which we will solicit bids. Please note that the bid process will be unique to the project and building ownership. 

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